Flag Bearer: Jared Zastrow

Flag Bearer: Jared Zastrow

February 04, 2018

Beer, Wine, Coffee, Tea, Whisky, Water?

Beer, whiskey, water, tea, coffee, wine


Life motto?

Live, learn, travel and love

Tell us about the most life-changing trip or experience you’ve had.

Riding a motorcycle throughout rural villages in Vietnam. It was very humbling. Their graciousness and over the top hospitality was moving. They don’t get many outside visitors.

Top three travel destinations? 

  1. Nepal 2. India 3. Sri Lanka


Five things you can’t travel without. 

1. Book 2. Water Filter 3. Hammock 4. Water bottle 5. Knife


What was the most dangerous trip or experience you’ve had. How did you handle it?

Being robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight in Northern Peru. I remained calm and got very lucky. 

What’s the purpose of life?

To travel and learn.

What’s your day job?

Bicycle Mechanic.

Worst advice you’ve ever been given.

Don’t travel – settle down.

Best advice you’ve ever been given.

Don’t get married, travel the world! – My Grandma

Describe your perfect day.

Well, I had it last week.  I woke up, went paddleboarding around the Marin Islands, mountain biked in the afternoon, caught a sunset surf session and ended the day with a pint at the pub.

Where are you right now? If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be?

Right now I’m in Beaverton, OR. If I could be anywhere, I’d be riding a Royal Enfield Motorcycle throughout the Sikkim Region of India.

Dream trip?

Riding a motorcycle from Portland OR to Argentina.

Upcoming trips in 2018?

Nepal, Cambodia, Iceland.


Full Name: Jared Peter Zastrow

Instagram Account: None

Website: None