Flag Bearer: Jillian Rabe

How have you become a product of your environment? 

"Vulnerability. Listening. Playing. Asking Questions. Being open to the world around you, the people around you, and yourself. I've tried to work on recognizing when/where things are unfamiliar and embracing it.  We grow from recognizing our discomfort, and then consciously choosing how to move forward. Which starts with being open to those experiences in the first place. I believe that more often than not, this journey is about being thankful, and for moments when you approach the edge and say, ‘yes’ (or ‘fuck it!’), and then jump with open arms."

Beer, Wine, Coffee, Tea, Whisky, Water?

"Yes to all. Personal order of priority is: water & whiskey, wine, coffee, beer, tea."

Life motto?  

"It’s never too late to be what you might have been."

Tell us about the most life-changing trip or experience you’ve had.

"Recently! :) Committing to a complete orbit around the sun with an international work/live/travel platform called, Remote Year. October 2017-October 2018. It is one international city a month for 12 months. Traveling, working, living…remotely. My heart and mind are open to what’s ahead, and though I don’t know what all will come of it, I can feel everywhere that change is happening, and that is so exciting and inspiring."

Top three travel destinations? 

"Lebanon, Japan, Hofbrauhaus in Munich (People used to carve in the tables – About 20 years ago, my dad carved an R for our last name, which is German. If the table is still there, I’d like to sit at it someday and have a beer.)" 

Five things you can’t travel without.

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones 
  2. Hiking Shoes
  3. Journal
  4. Polaroid Camera
  5. Peanut Butter

What’s the purpose of life?


What’s your day job?

"Special Event Producer / Project Manager"

Worst advice you’ve ever been given.

“Don’t work too hard.”

Best advice you’ve ever been given.

"Whenever you are about to use the word “struggle,” to describe your situation, say “challenge” instead. The way you feel when you even say the word ‘struggle’ pulls you down, it feels heavy and defeating. But saying ‘challenge,’ lifts you up. It’s an invitation to yourself and an opportunity to succeed. It will make all the difference in the world."

 This was unsolicited advice that came from an out of town passerby who happened to stop in my studio one day just to see what it was that I did in there. I was in a rush and told her being a business owner was a daily struggle. She then told me the above…and it changed my life in that moment, forever. I think about it all the time, and am so glad I happened to be in that day.

Describe your perfect day.

"Waking up earlier than normal, getting caffeinated, eating two eggs and a piece of toast, exploring via a drive or a walk (or jumping off the edge of something if I’m feeling EXTRA adventurous), taking photos, finding somewhere to drink wine after the exploration, meeting new people and sharing in music, or stories, or some kind of activity that brings us together. Then going to sleep somewhere I am comfortable and exhausted enough to just pass out."

Where are you right now?

"Currently working in Thailand."

Dream trip?

"Outer Space. Everything about it scares and inspires me."

Upcoming trips in 2018?

"Currently in Thailand, and then en route to LA and Austin for the next gig. After wrapping in Austin, off to South America, and will be updating with specific cities on social as I go."

Instagram: @jillianrabe
Website: www.jillianrabe.com
Contact Information: jillian@jillianrabe.com

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