A Letter from the Founders of Vindur Hao

A Letter to the Admirably Curious:

For the inquisitive mind, any request about the story of Vindur Hao is likely to include questions using words like “meaning” or “origin.” It has been described by those who know us best as a philosophy, a sense, a moment, and to some it’s just a brand. The truth is, the literal translation of the words when spoken in their native Icelandic tongue simply mean Wind Dependent. But the joining of these two simple words has long since transcended any literal explanation. We’ve given up on trying to define the words “Vindur Hao,” and instead have been inspired to let the words define US.

At its absolute core, Vindur Hao is little more than a need to share, among one another, our common experiences. To observe among the most unlikely pairing of characters, this shared experience, and then bring that forth and celebrate this bond rather than focus on the differences; this is our fundamental truth. Illuminating and isolating the differences among us has run its course. Our strength, as humanity, is discovered in our similarities. Vindur Hao walks upon a path of inclusion and we invite you to join us on this journey as our many roads converge upon this one path and we finally breathe life into a concept that has long evaded our collective consciousness.

Still, we are left with the question, “What is Vindur Hao?” We humbly offer to you this: We have come to embrace the notion that for each of us in this tribe, just as for each of you that share in these experiences, defining Vindur Hao is an exercise in futility. Each of us that has perceived, cultivated, or challenged the various attempts to define our brand are eager to share our sense of Vindur Hao, but “ours” is not what is important. What IS important is that you embrace Vindur Hao and make it your own. That You go forth and share this concept, the feeling, the moment, and discover your own answer to the question, “What is Vindur Hao?”.

Let us part ways with this thought: Vindur Hao is about you. It is reflected in the stories You share, the insights you gain, your successes and failures. It is, all of it, about YOU. Discover YOUR passion. Take the ride with us. Live YOUR Vindur Hao.

Discover. Ride. Live.

Tell your story,

Vindur Hao

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