A Letter to Our Flag Bearers

A Letter to Our Flag Bearers

February 28, 2018

An open letter to the admirably unique:

Upon return from a recent trip to Vietnam, a chance encounter gave cause to reflect upon an extraordinary young adult that we happened to befriend on our travels. This young man, named Khoi, who was much wiser than his twenty years would suggest, shared with us a profound observation, arbitrarily buried among insights he graciously shared with us about his own aspirations. Whilst floating upon a small paddle canoe, in a nondescript canal, among hundreds of equally indistinguishable jungle-laden islands of the Me Kong River Delta, Khoi shared with us his truest aspiration in life, and that was to define himself as unique. Yes, unique.

“I don’t want to be the best at anything I do. Many people compete to be the best. If you become the best, you focus only on being the best. It’s a lot of pressure. Too much pressure to be happy. I want to be unique. When you are unique, you are happy.”

By most accounts, Khoi would already be considered among his peers and countrymen as unique. You see, Khoi is a gold medal winning Muay Thai kickboxer who fought for, trained under, and educated and sponsored by the government of Vietnam. Khoi sacrificed communal aspirations of becoming a great Vietnamese Muay Thai champion, and instead thrives in the pursuit of a vision of carving out a completely unique identity. Khoi wants to, literally, be a one-in-one hundred million- and by most accounts, he’s been successful. In a Communist nation roughly the size of California, Khoi resides in a city populated by nearly twenty-two million inhabitants (roughly one quarter of the entire country’s population) and nearly as many motorcycles. In a rare and precious moment, our friend Khoi helped us define a sentiment that resides at the innermost core of Vindur Hao, and we will be forever grateful to him for that.

This is a sentiment that Vindur Hao had been trying for months to breathe into existence; to embody and reflect. Through the Vindur Hao Flag Bearer Initiative and through you, our Flag Bearers, we embrace the vehicle to deliver this message- with the means to preserve the authenticity of your endeavors without diluting them through a collective message.

What is the Vindur Hao message? This brand is all about YOU. The Flag Bearer is the foremost centerpiece of Vindur Hao. Vindur Hao exists, grows, and evolves through YOUR stories. Vindur Hao is a movement toward escaping the mundane and celebrating the uniqueness of the individual. It’s about realizing, through celebration, that our unique self is the thread that truly binds us. Each of us is alone, but none of us are truly lonely. We toil and we persevere. We press on through the mundane so we can arrive at the place that our souls truly reside: that place where we are unique. Vindur Hao lives in that place.

But Vindur Hao cannot be shared without telling your story and inspiring others to live more fully, more richly, and more for the moment. Time, not money, is the only true currency through which our freedom can be had. Time can only be spent, it cannot be earned. The value of our time is finite and until the future arrives that promises to extend this commodity indefinitely, time is the currency by which we make bargains with our lives.

The Flag Bearer is the standard by which we inspire those around us, those that seek us out. You inspire these people, not to create more time for greatness in their lives, but to be their greatest selves with the time they already have. Through your endeavors we are inspired to share with others the myriad examples of how to DISCOVER your truth, to relax and take the RIDE, and to LIVE Vindur Hao.

Discover. Ride. Live.

Allow us to tell your story. Join our movement. Take the flag and raise it proudly in celebration because this is your brand and your time.

Fly your flag.


Vindur Hao