Vindur Hao x Accountability: A Quick Intro

Vindur Hao x Accountability: A Quick Intro

March 27, 2018

The apparel industry is fraught with complex problems that are destructive to people, societies, and the environment. The very act of wearing clothing may endanger our air, water, land, and animals; may support authoritarian regimes; and may contribute to slavery and other forms of human abuse. However, we cannot simply abstain. People need to wear clothes, for protection from the elements, for cultural reasons, and for self-expression.

Vindur Hao sees these problems for the complex, inter-related global mess that they are. We know that, like a game of whack-a-mole, as you address one issue, a host of other issues pop up. A factory that sells organics employs children to keep its prices competitive... a supplier of sustainable fabrics must source their raw materials from half-way around the world, using untold fossil fuels... a factory that pays its workers a living wage cannot afford a lengthy and expensive process to become certified organic... an exporter of sustainably made clothing must dump large quantities of unsold merchandise into landfills as styles change.

We therefore eschew the idea of "sustainability," which too easily disguises hosts of behind-the-scenes catastrophes, and instead we embrace a concept of accountability. We hold ourselves accountable to people, society, the environment, and our customers in as many ways as we can, always seeking unique solutions to complex problems. 

Stay tuned as we release more articles relating to Vindur Hao's journey with accountability.