Where to Find the Best Surfing in the Alps

Where to Find the Best Surfing in the Alps

August 27, 2018

Munich. Home of Oktoberfest, soaring architecture…

… and the best surfing this side of the Alps.

Yeah, you read that right. I had my doubts, too, when the taxi driver from the airport told me I should absolutely go see the surfers on the man-made Eisbach River in Munich’s English Garden. But it’s real, and it’s popular.

The wave attracts world champions like Mick Fanning, as well as local talent, who adhere to a strict code of conduct, which includes limiting their time per turn. No bogarting the wave while there's a line. And summer or winter, night or day, there's always a line.

Less experienced surfers practice on a smaller wave downstream until they’re ready for rougher action. Or if they’re just looking for a chiller ride.

One surfer, who first tried surfing on a vacation in Australia, told me he bought his board at 10:30 that morning and was riding the small wave for the first time an hour later.

All told, not a bad way to spend a morning in Munich.

For more information, visit the Eisbach wave’s ‘zine: http://www.eisbachwelle.de/