Made from the most premium certified organic cotton, this is your go-to garment for every adventure. Not only did we scour the globe for the most perfect durable and breathable fabric, we field tested this beautiful piece for over a year before bringing it to our consumer. From Iceland, to Peru, to Nepal, to Hong Kong, to Thailand and Vietnam, and finally, the southern tip of the Baja peninsula. The Vindur Hao Henley proved its legacy in the dry heat, the humid heat, the frigid, and the mild. It's been through surf trips, mountain treks, business trips, and weekend getaways. Always holding its shape through long plane rides, jeep rides, and strolls down desert arroyos. We worked hard to make sure you never have to buy one again, until you pass it on to your brother or daughter, best friend or cousin. Enjoy this legacy of our brand as we bring you Vindur Hao's first made-from-scratch garment. Enjoy.