Non-refundable Deposit: Kachenjunga Trek, 2019

This is your non-refundable deposit for the 14-day Kachenjunga Trek. This will cover your inter-Nepal travel, including flights and ground. This will also allow our guide to reserve hotels in Kathmandu, hire porters, and reserve equipment where needed. The non-refundable nature of this deposit is to insure that our guide will be able to cover his losses in the event of a cancellation. We thank you for your understanding.

The Vindur Hao Team


14-day Kachenjunga 


U.S. Departure- 10/7/2019

Kathmandu, Nepal Arrival- 10/9/2019

Kachenjunga Trek 14-Day Footprint- 10/11 to 10/24/2019

Depart Kathmandu for return to U.S. - after 10/24/2019

Trek Cost:


Deposit(Due 9/1/19):


Amount Due prior to departure: